The program of Figure in Blue is constantly changing and evolving. This is what I played in the most recent concert:

Johann Sebastian BACH  Aria from Goldberg Variations
Keith JARRETT  Paris Concert 1988 (intro)
RADIOHEAD  Everything in its right place

Thordur MAGNUSSON  Scenes of Iceland No.1
Federico MOMPOU  El Lago
Samuel BARBER  Excursions, No.1
John CAGE  In a landscape

Maurice RAVEL  Prelude
Sergej PROKOFIEV  Etude Op. 2 No. 2
Bill EVANS  B minor Waltz (for Ellaine)
Fred HERSCH  Little Midnight Nocturne

Gyorgy LIGETI  Musica Ricercata No.7
Toby TWINING  Satie Blues
Brad MEHLDAU  Resignation
Nick DRAKE  River Man


Other performances included:

Francesco ANTONIONI  Preludi Diatonici
Nico MUHLY  Hudson Cycle
Philip GLASS  Glassworks (opening)
Federico MOMPOU  Secreto
Egberto GISMONTI  Agua e vinho